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Real Jeju, a journey into the region, JocheonDaek

The host, who was born in Jeju and never left Jeju, tried to create a new space in harmony with the old one. It was considered to be a valuable time and a great spatial asset for future generations to convert Jeju farm houses with low roofs and round features to modern houses because of the windy and typhoon-like climatic characteristics.

The first impression of this house was the cozyness of the three houses made up of 'ㄷ' arrangements. Through the gate, the front yard with green grass and the back yard opened to the sea were warm. In the 1970s, traditional rounded net roofs were improved to slate roofs, but they were equipped with the beauty of Jeju house. The principle to be followed is to maintain the original shape as much as possible from the height of the roof, the wooden structure inside, the rafters, and the appearance. The roofing material was replaced with a new material, but it shows the existing one. We installed a folding door to create an experience that united the yard.

In the process of improvement, the important thing is the program that is put into Jeju architecture. One of the two stone houses is a kitchen, and one is a bedroom, and up to six people are available, and the kitchen is a place where the whole family can enjoy parties and cooking together.


Introduce the people who made JocheonDaek.

Total Design & Styling by


Z_Lab communicates with the region with a unique sensibility and is creating a sincere place and space that reflects their aspiration and will. They innovate the value of space and provide integrated solutions from planning, design, construction and to the marketing operation with a consistent perspective. They creates a place and space that meets a lot of value and extends its value to create empathy for many people.

Furniture Design by

Matter & Matter

MATTER & MATTER is a lifestyle brand that suggests different ways of life. They pursue beautiful, reasonable and sustainable designs, value more fundamental things, and suggest how they can naturally blend into the lifestyle of the individual.

Lighting Design by


LIMAS is creating a new trend through lighting. Lighting designs that consider users and space together contain their own philosophy. It presents a new lifestyle that blends light, space and people.

We hope that one night at JocheonDaek will be a great chance 

to newly think about your way of life. 

Beyond the concept of staying, we will present the your comfort home in Jeju.